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Turning passion in reality – home décor products with quirky design by Raina Creationz

Dharma Team: What inspires you to start this organisation?

Apurba: I have worked in corporates for more than a decade. My passion has been designing, and I discovered it late. I enjoy creative thinking and leveraging that to design these products. I should make the most of god’s gift, which helps me bring out my creativity and create something unique. This is what made me start my company. 

Dharma Team: what products do Riana creations make?

Apurba: We make artwork, designer candles, serving trays, wall decor, and coasters. Our products are handmade, customised, and designed to fit the needs of our customers. 

Dharma Team: What is so unique about your company?

Apurba: We are fun and quirky. We know how to add personality to everyday items. We innovate by using unwanted items in the house to create decorative home decor. We use innovative processes to create unique designs which are special to our company. 

Dharma Team: So, if I can understand this, your work can reduce the waste going into the landfill? If that is the case, please give us an example.

Apurba: It all started in my garden. I observed dried flowers falling all over and decided to use some to convert them into coasters. That activity made me think about the possibilities of using waste. Some of the products you see on our website are unique and have a personality. 

Dharma Team: What are the challenges that you face as an entrepreneur? Would you want to share any challenges that you met recently? 

Apurba: Since I started recently, I won’t call it a challenge, but I want to get more traffic onto my website. Something that I am looking to do better is to get connected to a broader audience.

Dharma Team: Are there any traditional art forms that you are trying to preserve?

Apurba: Yes, we have some art forms and wall décor concepts that originated from West Bengal. In future, we planned to work with original concepts from the villages around West Bengal.  

Dharma Team: What kind of impact does your work have on the community?

Apurba: Since the organisation is new, it will take time to have an impact. I am looking at the impact that we would want to uplift some of the artisans from West Bengal who have a skillset but don’t know how to create a range of products and present it to the larger markets. I am trying to work with them leveraging my creativity too. 

Dharma Team: In terms of sustainability, what are your plans?

Apurba: We plan to add more products in our catalogue, which are sustainable home decor items, and creativity is the key, and the price points are to cater to the masses. To create a sustainable product, we need raw materials that must be complemented with affordable prices, and that is how we look at sustainability.

Dharma Team: What is your message for the world? 

Apurba: Design is a simple idea with one’s creativity. Love design and bring uniqueness to the world; that is my message for the world.