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From Bengaluru: A home-maker with a passion for the arts


Dharma Team: What is behind running your venture?

Nalini: I learnt what I do from my mother. With my hands, I wanted to create something new. I learnt kasuti embroidery from my mother and started making products after my marriage. 

Dharma Team: What different things do you create?

Nalini: Nothing is remarkably different, but I make customised products from crochets.

Dharma Team: What are the challenges that you have faced while working?

Nalini: Covid were a challenging time. We were not allowed to travel. Often, people think twice before buying handmade products because they are expensive. However, creating large quantities of stock is risky because there are chances that it wouldn’t sell.

Dharma Team: When did you start making the jewellery and bags?

Nalini: I started it in 2020. I started making bags earlier whenever I had time and made bags for stocks. Many people like gifting these bags. Many a time, I make these bags are made on order. I haven’t started stocking products. This is the first time that I have been selling my products online.

Dharma Team: How were you selling your products earlier? 

Nalini: I was selling from home to people who know I make such products and would come and buy or place an order. I have started selling in the last two years. My first experience selling the product was through an exhibition at Vaidehi Ma’am’s house.

Dharma Team: How did that experience of selling through an exhibition?

Nalini: My experience was great. I first interacted with customers, and Vaidehi Ma`am taught me how to initiate selling. She told me what products to sell.

Dharma Team: Any messages you want to give to society?

Nalini: I want to request people to appreciate hand -made products. Even though they are expensive, one must understand the hard work of making handmade products. The appreciations serve as a motivation to create something new.