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Deva Dharma Stay

Hampi, Karnataka: Restored by Dharma Endeavours and around 8 km from the main Virupaksha Temple, this is the traditional home of a farming family. With well-connected road and bus connections, this homestay in Hampi is located in an ancient village. It is perfect for people who want to see what village life looks like. You will be surrounded by neighbours going about their daily tasks in a proper rural lifestyle. 

It’s a traditional homestay built in traditional architecture: solid granite stones and a roof supported by strong teak beams. The walls are painted with what is locally called ‘sunna’ or limestone paint, with a flooring of black ‘kadapa’ stone slabs.

Social Impact

This is a Hampi homestay of Savitha* and her family of 3 children. We helped her to renovate and refurbish her home and also manage the running of the homestay. Her family experienced a 50% increase in her annual income from our work, at our last assessment. 

“As farmers, we have hardly anything left after our expenses. This helps us to earn an extra income when we need it the most.”

                                              ~ Savitha

Important to Note

Finding a place to stay in Hampi requires a small crash-course in its geography:

  • There’s Hampi, the name given to a 48 sq. km protected zone with 9 villages, officially called the UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS), across which area can be found the monuments of the Vijayanagara Empire,
  • And then there’s Hampi, the eponymous village that lends its name to the WHS. 

People often get confused between the two. Our homestay accommodations in Hampi, the Dharma Stays, are found in some of the 9 villages of the UNESCO WHS, and not the village of Hampi itself. 

Further, the 48 sq. km. area is spread across two districts: Bellary and Koppal.  It is also divided by the Tungabhadra River. Only 2 river crossing points are available, one at the main monument called Virupaksha Temple and another called Talwarghatta, near Vittala Temple. Keep in mind that wherever you have a room or homestay booking in Hampi, you will have to travel at least 2 km to visit the monuments and you may have to cross the river too. This is because they monuments are spread out across the 48 sq. km. zone, with tar and mud roads interconnecting them. 

We hope that our descriptions will help you to choose your stay!



    This is a three-bedroom private house. The family does not stay here. Please note, mentioned below are the details about the house:

    • 1 single occupancy room
    • 2 double occupancy rooms
    • Total capacity of the house: 5 people + 1 (extra mattress),
    • Can book the whole house together
    • 1 shared bathroom between the rooms, with western closet and
    • Parking available on request. 

    You’ll especially love this if you want to observe hardcore rural living.

    Cost: Single Occupancy INR 550/- per room per night
    Cost: Double Occupancy INR 780/- per room per night
    Extra Bed Cost INR 300/- per bed
    Total Capacity 5 people + 1 (extra mattress)
    Parking Public parking: please note, you park at your own risk.
    Bathroom Bathroom shared with 2 other rooms
    Food: traditional and local Breakfast not included. Upon your request, we can also provide traditional, home-cooked meals
    Wifi None
    Pets Not allowed
    Other None


Fill in what activities you'd like to try out in the 'Details' section of the enquiry form below and we'll send you a quote! Be sure to mention your group size: the bigger the size the lesser the cost.

Activity Cost Details
Guided experience: Visit iconic Hampi monuments (an immersive Hampi tour). Starting from INR 300*/- per person

Visit with a certified guide and learn about all the major monuments of Hampi. 

Languages available: English, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi and French. 

*Rates vary depending on the group size, the language and the number of monuments you would like to visit.

Village walk: visit local handicrafts and the monuments present and learn about village life (an immersive rural India village tour). Starting from INR 300*/- per person

Languages available: English, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi and French. 

*Rates vary depending on the group size, the language and the number of monuments you would like to visit.

Walk with a shepherd: Go to the little-known places of Hampi and hear stories from the locals (a unique rural India tour) Starting from INR 300*/- per person

Languages available: English, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi and French. 

*Rates vary depending on the group size, the language and the number of monuments you would like to visit.

Traditional lunch: eat local food, cooked the traditional way Starting from INR 350* /- per person

NOTA BENE: please inform your host of your allergies beforehand. 

*Rates vary depending on the menu and items presented.

Amazing Hampi Race: Aspecial Hampi tour designed by us as a race! You will get to visit major monuments and complete tasks and activities we have planned for you through the day.

This is ideal for families, friends and couples who want to try something fun and different.

Starting at INR 500*/-per person

A certified guide will be present with you and explain all the major monuments of Hampi. 

Languages available: English, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi and French. 

*Rates vary depending on the group size, the language and the number of monuments you would like to visit.

Pottery: Learn pottery from traditional pottery makers. INR 300/- per person  
Bird watching: Guided wildlife Hampi tour with experts. INR 250/-per person

Languages available: English, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi and French. 

*Rates vary depending on the group size, the language and the number of monuments you would like to visit.

Wolf Safari: Visit the wolves of the Deccan, a rare and dying species and learn what conservation activities are happening there. Starting at INR 3000*/- per person Includes full day activities with meals.
Other customized itineraries: Visits to cave paintings, neolithic heritage sites and much more are also available on request.  Let us know and we'll get in touch with you!    

A. General

1. When is it the best time to visit?

South Indian tours are best from October to March. However, travel to Hampi is also great between June, July and August because the overcast, cloudy weather and occasional pleasant monsoon showers can also be great fun! Plus you avoid the Sun!

2. What about ATMs and connectivity?

Connectivity can be a challenge for travel in rural India. However, there are some network service providers that work better than others: BSNL, IDEA and JIO are really good at Hampi. Local cafes also have wifi that you could log in to. However, the speed will not be that great. Cafes usually limit the data speed to avoid travellers from using up all the data downloading movies or videos. It’s good to check your emails and respond to your messages. 


For foreigners travelling in India, ATMs are something of a quest. International cards are not accepted and that leaves you heavily dependent on cash transactions. Hospet is really the best place for cash on your travel to Hampi. There are several ATMs in Hampi its main bus stop and they’re within walking distance (1 km). Closer to Hampi, the best place to find ATM cash is in the town of Kamlapura, around 7 km from the main Virupaksha Temple. There’s also another ATM in Hampi that is not so well-known: the one in the village of Kaddirampura. During peak season and especially long weekends, the ATMs run out of cash very quickly, so come prepared!

3. What can I do in the area?

Check the ‘Things to do’ section of each accommodation to know more. You could also book an experience with us on ‘Dharma Experiences’ or customize your own. 

B. Trip Cost: Where does my money go?

1. How does my trip benefit the local community?

The majority of the revenue we generate through you goes to our partner families. They are from or in a rural area and are trained either directly by us or our ground partners to provide hospitality services. These services may include homestay accommodations, food, transportation, experience hosting and guide services. The impact is created at two levels: individual and community. 

Individual Level

Our aim is a 25% increase in annual income for our low-income partner families. Increasing cases of irregular rains, possibly due to changing climatic conditions are affecting harvests. With some of our families, where farming is a primary source of income, the extra revenue through tourism goes a long way. Another challenge is market linkage. Getting regular sales and fair prices are some of the biggest challenges that rural families face. We hope to enable regular supplementary income through our work. 

Community Level

In collaboration with guests like you, we work with our high-income partner families to promote social development activities in and around the villages where we are present. As much as possible, we take up specific initiatives in the areas of education, waste management and agriculture. 

2. Where does the money go?

From the rural families in Hampi who host hospitality services to people like you, the guest who chooses to book with us, is a chain that includes several links. 


As much as possible, we provide an Indian food experience with local families. Sometimes, due to dietary restrictions, preferences of our guests or logistics, we also include other options. Prices can be comparable to any restaurant price in India, sometimes, less expensive, sometimes a bit more (depending on the ingredients, logistics etc.).


Unless requested by guests during certain Dharma Experiences, we book all rooms directly with local families. They are safe and clean. 


The travel part of travel is a big part of all this. We work with local partners and families to provide transportation as much as possible. However, quite often, either due to guest requests or other logistical reasons, we choose other options. 

Activities Hosting

We want you to visit with locals and learn from them. So wherever possible, we provide opportunities for this. Visit with farmers, shepherds, rural homemakers or artisans. For their hosting, homeowners provide a curated experience. 


A large part of our work, apart from training or supporting partners who train local families, is in linking people doing good work to guests like you. Our technology platform takes into consideration rural realities as well as the convenience of travellers in India like you! 

Operations and Growth

Our mission is to open up heritage sites across India, making travel in India safe, reliable and one that benefits local communities. Guests like you fuel our dreams. 

3. Why do prices vary at times for the same experience?

As a general rule of thumb for travel in India, the larger the group size, the lesser the price. This is because transportation and activities hosting have prices varying on group size. Other reasons are the add-ons and customization we may do for our guests to provide them with their ideal experience. 

C. Safety

This is a very big priority for us. Here’s what we do: each state in India has its own homestay registration process. This involves getting approval from the local authorities to ensure that rules are met. Further, in the case of foreigners travelling in India, homestay owners are also required to submit documents to the local police station. Local authorities keep track of activity. This is a huge factor that ensures both guests and families are safe. In some cases, homeowners also have security cameras as an added measure. 

Other considerations: for your own well being, please inform of any food allergies you may have well in advance. Also, check with local food providers if they have cooked with any ingredients you may be allergic to. 

D. Accommodations

1. Is it a private bathroom?

Please check in the ‘Facilities’ section of each accommodation in to find out what type is available.

2. Will I be staying with the family in the same house or is it a separate house?

In some cases, you will be staying in private bedrooms in a home where a family is also staying. In other cases, the homes are entirely reserved just for the guests. Please check in the ‘Facilities’ section of each accommodation in Hampi to find out what type is available.

3. Are there any house rules?

Yes, there may be some rules, depending on the family and the area you are visiting. Please check the ‘Facilities’ section of each accommodation in Hampi to know more. Any specific rules will be mentioned there. 

4. Can I book the whole house?

In those cases where the family does not live in the homestay, it is possible to book the whole place. Please check in the ‘Facilities’ section of each accommodation to find out more. 

E. Logistics, Transport and What to Pack

1. How do I get there? And who do I speak to?

We will send you a location link to the homestay in Hampi or detailed directions once we have confirmed your payment. Our coordinators will be there to assist you with any challenges for you to reach the room you have booked. 

2. How far is it from the main attractions? 

Check the ‘Description’ section to know more about what is available in each homestay in Hampi. 

3. Can you book local transportation for us? 

Yes, this is definitely possible. Convenience charges apply. Please mention your requests for a room booking in Hampi in the booking enquiry form given at the end of each homestay page. 

4. Any special things I should pack and wear to travel responsibly?

We recommend the following:

• Water bottle: Please avoid plastic bottles. Carry your own water bottles. It allows you to refill as and when you want. 

• Mosquito repellent

• Hat

• Cash: always carry cash, because local ATMs might be empty and rural India still runs largely on cash.

• Medicines: carry any medications you may need, because unlike in urban areas, 24-hour medical shops are tough to come by. 

F. Food

1. What sort of food do you serve?

Local, traditional and home-cooked food: this is what we aim for. 

NOTA BENE: Please let us know in advance if there are any allergies, as many people in rural India are not aware of food allergies as a serious concern. 

2. What are some of the good places to eat around the area?

Our local co-ordinators will help you out with this and any other queries you may have for your homestay or room booking in Hampi.

We have Hampi tours specially planned for families, friends groups, weekend travelers and much more! Check out the Dharma Experiences section to find out what suits you or mention this in the inquiry form below and we will get back in touch with you!

What to see in Hampi

The major list of monuments in Hampi, that we recommend you try out:

  • Vittala Temple
  • Virupaksha Temple
  • Kadlekalu Ganesha
  • Sasevakalu Ganesha
  • Uggara Narasimha
  • Lotus Mahal
  • Elephant Stables 
  • Hazara Rama Temple

Wondering about where the ATMs in Hampi are? Whether you'll get connectivity and wifi? Or trying to figure out what to pack and wear that's appropriate? Check out our 'Travel Guide' section to know more. 


You can send your inquiry via the form below.

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